Rodrigo de la Calle and Primaflor, Vegetable Gourmet Tapa tasting

Rodrigo de la Calle presents the Gourmet Gastrobotanica Tapa of Primaflor

In a delicious tasting organized by Primaflor, the One Michelin Star Chef and Gastrobotanica creator will present the latest trend in Tapas on April 24th, morning and afternoon. It is Tapa Gourmet Gastrobotánica, an unpublished Tapa recipe which honor the Mezclum, created in the Monastery Cimiez (French Provence) where the monks cultivated different green leaves blending the seeds. There weren’t any exclusive combination. Each guest could choose the leaves they liked the most and use as much varieties as they wanted.

Rodrigo, in his Almeria`s journey, has colect his selection with which he will pleased the most demanding gourmet tastings in the Salón del Gourmet. Moreover, evryone who visit the Primaflor’s stand could create its own salad dressed whith the sauce created by Rodrigo la Calle for the event. 

Tapa Gourmet Gastrobotánica Tasting

Pavilion 8, stand 8D40

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