The environment and tradition are bound together when we talk about respect for the land.

Abundance and generosity is what the land gives us in exchange for our love, respect and above all , hard work and effort.In return the vineyard will give us the the best of its grapes.We transform them into excellent wines with the particular personality of this land,climate and Mencía and Godello grape varieties.

We merely continue the work that has always gone on at the vineyards:natural fertilizers and above all, respect for the evironment that surrounds us . We care for the plots of land as if they were each unique, respecting their individuality.We use traditional farming methods.We harvest the grapes manually when they are at their prime to ensure they are in perfect condition when they are brought in .

With preserves is the same.We are small company conceived,driven and developed by Jose Luis Prada whose charisma and personality make it distinctive and different.We have been developing and transforming products from the Bierzo region of Spain since way back in 1972 and our idea has always been to offer consumers natural products with no preservatives or chemical ingredients of any kind.