Bishop's Gin

A True London Dry

Bishop's gin is a tribute to the maverick John Ponet, bishop of Winchester in 1553, aiming to capture his character in spirit form and unleash it on the world. Designed in Belgium and distilled in London, Bishop's Gin is an authentic London Dry and the pride of Ponet Spirits. Composed with 9 essential botanicals, the liquorice envelops the tongue almost instantly, coating it in a sweet film upon which the nasturtium flower sits. Lemon brings a fresh burst of citrus, while lemongrass brings its tangy warmth, before juniper sweeps everything out of the way to reign, dominating the finish and roaring with gusto. The lasting taste is one of pine and of flowers, with the watercress elements of the nasturtium creeping in, but ultimately being dominated by its sweeter side