De nuestros mejores viñedos, de la mejor selección de su fruto y una cuidadosa elaboración Se ha obtenido Pinna fidelis Crianza. En él se mezclan potentes tonalidades, complejidad aromática y refinadas sensaciones en boca. Envejecido en barrica nueva de roble francés durante 15 meses. Se recomienda su decantación previa a su consumo y una temperatura de servicio de 18º C.

Bodegas PINNA FIDELIS winery is so called as a tribute to the town where it was founded in 2001 – Peñafiel –  the fruit of a passion for wine-growing shared by people who love this land in the heart of the Ribera del Duero wine region. Traditional methods, handed down from generation to generation for over 100 years and strongly linked to the Tinta del País grape variety, have here found a new way to reach consumers in the form of excellent quality wines made using innovative production techniques and able to satisfy the most demanding palates.   Built up over 15 years by the same team of people who started out with us, our know-how provides a solid foundation upon which we continue to grow and improve every day. On top of all that, are our modern facilities and a wine-making philosophy based on simplicity. These are the ingredients of our success. 

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