Product obtained from the crushing of different red fruits, of the varieties Capsicum longum L. and Capsicum annum L. Fruits that must be harvested at their riping point, healthy, clean and with its characteristic colour. Free from from fungus and/or insects. They are dried using oak or holm oak wood, following the traditional method of La Vera, always ensuring the fruits come from the production area established by the Regulatory Council.

We are a company with almost 100 years of experience in the development of La Vera paprika and spices. A family tradition rooted in the region of la Vera Caceres Province, Spain. This tradition has been arranged with our desire to be always at the forefront of the market. As our ultimate goal to get the highest quality in our products. along with the latest technologies in food safety. For these reasons we are Certified Protected Designation of Origin, ISO 9001/2008 and IFS 6.  

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