Tasting Butter Cookies and Sequillos

Tasting in the first hour to try an artisan delicacies: los Sequillos "El Puente" and Butter Cookies "Tierra la Reina", both of them with Tierra de Sabor stamp. These products are hand-cut and baked in a wood-fired oven, with raw material of high quality and without additives.  

Our family business is sourrounded by unique scenery, next to the Picos de Europa mountains - specifically in the town of Boca de Huérgano, León. In addition to the baked goods that traditionally had been produced in our bakery, we started making cheeses in 1946.

Since that time, the traditional elaboration process combines with the most appropriate techniques with the aim of guarantee our products the properties that make them specials for the enjoyment of our customers and friends.

Over half a century of history and growth, in which the dedication in the elaboration and the constant innovation have been our hallmark, but always without losing an apex of our traditional values to offer the traditional flavour in a high quality products.

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