"The mourning of industrial bread"


It was created and dedicated to bakeries and artisan bakers. Dedicating it to a guild quite punished. This bread was born in my head in the gourmet salon in the previous year's edition 06/04/2016. He believes it live. The idea came up days earlier and I decided it was my main activity in the gourmet salon 2016. The ingredients I used were rye flour toasted edible gold and edible silver. I wanted to give a pulse to the industrial bread as each day we fight, we with quality and the industrial with prices. For me it was a burial with a lot of glamur and with all the honors.

The bread and the sweets of Bakery Piña are a totally artisan product composed by flour, water, salt, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, yeast. Ingredients all hundred percent natural and that can give an idea of ??the healthy and nutritious that are our products of Arab origin that in Algatocin we wanted to perpetuate of our ancestors. In the Kiln of Pan Piña we carry out the entire manufacturing process under the strictest quality controls. In which we deposit all our knowledge and all the care that is required for the final consumer to continue trusting us. Authentic breads from the Serrania de Ronda carried around the world. At the Piña Bakery we know that the quality of the product is the basis for its commercialization. That is why we are concerned with finding the best ingredients, selecting them and using them. In our process of elaboration we take care of the detail all the steps, that finalize when our client has the flavors of his childhood in any of our products.


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