We have been a family-run business, now in our third generation,since 1975 in Quintanilla Vivar (Burgos), specialising in theproduction of Burgos Black Pudding. We work with importantcatering and distribution groups, as well as establishmentsspecialising in meat products.Black Pudding is a sausage without meat which is stuffed withcoagulated blood (usually from pig). Moreover, in the case ofBurgos Black Pudding, as an extra we add rice, pork lard, paprika,salt and Horcal onion. Seasoned with spices to achieve itscharacteristic flavour, once all the ingredients are mixed the laststep is the cooking process.Nowadays, production is mechanised, however the traditionalrecipe continues to be used. Our facilities are subject to strict foodsafety controls thereby guaranteeing the best sanitary conditions.Forming part of the traditional pig slaughter, this product hasbeen prepared in Burgos since the 18th century when cartersbrought rice as an ingredient from Valencia.

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