• Exhibitor: MONVA, S.L.
ORIGIN AND PRODUCTION Valle Mágina is the top grade olive oil with the Denomination of Origin Sierra Mágina,mountain olive oil of the Picual variety, whose best oils come from mountain environments. It is characterized by its intense fruity flavour and good stability, provided by its high contentin pro-vitamins, polyphenols and other antioxidants, which are extraordinarily beneficial toour health and provide high preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of olive oil. The olives used to produce Valle Mágina are harvested in late November. Fruit at an earlyripening stage is combined in the mill with other fruit that has already completed its ripeningcycle. The mixing temperature, under 27ºC, is essential to obtain an olive oil with an intense aromaand the many sensations that make up its irreproachable organoleptic profile. TASTING: Colour: Intense greenish yellow colour Aroma: Dominating notes of fresh wood, tomato plant and fig tree Taste: Dense, full bodied, elegant and well-balanced Aftertaste: Good persistence in its organoleptic qualities, well-balanced, fruity, bitter andastringent. QUALITY CERTIFICATIONS- Origin and Quality Certificates by the Protected Denomination of Origin Sierra Mágina- Integrated Production Regulation, for sustainable cultivation- Certified Quality” stamp, granted by the Junta de Andalucía- ISO standard 9001:2008 of Quality Management for production and bottling processes- ISO standard 14001 of Environmental Protection for production and bottling processes- Quality Certificate IFS; International Food Standard for production and bottling processes
Family company engaged in the production of estate-grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the privileged environment of the Sierra Mágina Natural Park, Jaén.