• Exhibitor: MOLINO ALFONSO
  • Brand name: MOLINO ALFONSO
  • Sector: ENCURTIDOS

According to our quality standars, olives are selected by their size, aroma and variety.

Empeltre, typical Aragonese variety stands out for its marked flavor and perfectly accompanies salads and vegetables.

Arbequina, small, rounded and intense flavor. Perfect as an appetizer between hours

Almazara Molino Alfonso is a family company located in Belchite, province of Zaragoza, which has more than a 100 years of experience producing Olive Oil from the region's centenaries olive trees.

We produce EVOO "Empeltre" variety, Designation of Origin of Bajo Aragón and exclusive of this zone of Spain, "Arbequina" variety and "Coupage", which is a combination of Empeltre & Arbequina. We also make flavoured olive oils with garlic, chilli, basil, fine herbs and truffle as well as natural olive oil cosmetics.

Our oils have been awarded and recognized nationally and internationally, specifically in 2016 Molino Alfonso is the BEST OIL of Bajo Aragón chosen by the Designation of Origin of which are part 39 mills, Gold Medal at the AVPA Awards in Paris and Grand Prestige Gold at Israel's Terraolivo Awards.

Since 1907 four generations, four values: tradition, quality, respect and commitment.

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