The high-end oil brand MO will arrive to Harvard Business School

  • Exhibitor: MO

The high-end oil brand MO is proclaimed as the first olive oil company to arrive at Harvard Business School, one of the most important institutions in the world, where famous figures such as Presidents Obama and Lincoln, or the richest man in the world World Bill Gates. The brand will become the first Spanish company to make an official presentation at Harvard, being also a company of Jaén that enjoys this honor.

The MO mark moves to Harvard to train the members of the institution about the properties and uses of the oil. It will teach students the qualities and benefits of consuming a millimetrically cared oil, which they call "olive juice" from the brand and explain how the latest technologies can be applied to the field and harvesting. In addition to discussing issues related to health and the benefits of consuming olive oil, the brand will talk about its land, Jaén, and why its importance in the world. The brand in this way drives Jaén and its best known product, the oil. The presentation will take place in Boston on Wednesday, April 5, at the business school facilities of the well-known university.

The founders, the brothers D. Alfonso, and D. Jesús Ortal Sevilla, from Jaén, explain the meaning of the word that gives name to the mark, "MO", owing its name to the letters of the surnames of the grandfather and the Grandmother of the family (Molina Olivares), who have worked in the field all their lives, following the family tradition for generations. The brand arose from the idea of ??bringing out the best of the olive, a gourmet oil of high quality with an exquisite taste, mixing style and minimalism.

MO is a unique and different company, is involved in all the process of obtaining its liquid gold, applying the best and most modern techniques from the care of the trees and the earth, to the harvesting of the olive. Among its techniques of elaboration we can observe: nocturnal collection, extraction in cold, or transport of the olive to the oil mill in special boxes to avoid losses of quality. The result is an exhibition oil, which will undoubtedly have to be tasted by those oil lovers who appreciate delicacy and effort, made oil.

"MO" was born in 2016 as an innovative company founded by the young brothers in a family with almost a century of tradition in the production of olive oil. Our farms are optimally located in the Sierra de Cazorla region (National Certificate of Origen, D.O. Sierra de Cazorla) in Jaen, in the south of Spain.

Our mission is to globally market a product with excellent properties and health benefits for the consumer. To elaborate an olive juice with optimal properties, we have optimally designed each of the steps in the value chain, from production to final bottling. We invest heavily on cutting-edge techniques to maximize the quality of our natural olive juice. We carefully choose the most vigorous trees and elaborate our premium product in October, right at the start of the traditional harvest season.

MO Molina Olivares is committed to quality, transparency, customer service and product innovation. Our customers are the very center of what we do. Familia Ortal SL is open to explore the possibility of working with different packaging formats and evaluate the products that better customize your needs in the future.