Premium Turkey Specialities

  • Exhibitor: MITJANS
  • Sector: EMBUTIDOS
  • New

We use only whole turkey breasts and legs from turkeys that have been selected and reared on a traditional diet, boneless and with skin. This gastronomic excellence is at the same time a healthy option due to the selection of the raw ingredients which provide us with meat that is low in fat.

We prepare our specialities starting with whole pieces of breast and leg, which we de-bone and then clean by hand, marinating them with spices and herbs. They are tied by hand and baked, cooking in their own juices and keeping the skin on to enhance its flavour: delicious, tender and aromatic.

  • Reduced salt
  • Low in fat
  • Lactose free
  • Gluten free
  • Starch free
  • No added proteins
  • No colourings

Josep Maria Mitjans represents the fourth generation of butchers faithful to the love of the profession and the commitment to quality, reliability and service to others. The experience gained during these years and the strong creative and innovative spirit has led us to diversify our range of products.More than a hundred years later, our brand continues to be faithful to the family legacy of honesty in the production of our products.

They are "just as they should be": from selecting the raw ingredients of the highest quality to maintaining the tranquil and natural production processes in order to ensure the authenticity of the taste and textures as always.This is the spirit and passion that motivates us to continue on the same path towards the future. It is the only way we know: quality, tradition, excellence, creativity and honesty in what we produce so that those who consume our products can appreciate and enjoy the best select charcuterie.

Since our beginnings, we have maintained the "know-how" and we have combined this with the creation of new products and sizes without forgetting our commitment to quality and to preserving the authenticity of the flavours. As artisans of taste, every day we prepare our specialities using the experience which the years have given us. At the same time, we have  adapted this to the modern times, taking into account an increasingly demanding consumer who wants healthier products but still with all the flavour.

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