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Mercamadrid, the largest platform of distribution, marketing, processing and logistics of fresh foods of Spain

The Food Unit of Mercamadrid   was built in 1982 managed by the mixed company Mercamadrid, S.A., being  one of the Food Units in the international panorama, thanks not only to the infrastructure and services available, but especially to the important activity and dynamism that the 800 companies located, have shown.

Mercamadrid concentrates one of the broader and more diverse offerings of fresh food, and the possibility of distributing them in very competitive times and processes.  All in a single space, working day and night to supply a demand that exceeds the local, with more than 12 million consumers and a sphere of influence of 500 km away.

Mercamadrid brings together the Central Markets of fish, fruits and vegetables, such as the meat market, to multi-purpose companies specialized in the food sector and a wide range of enterprise services: industrial cooling, conservation, logistics, transport, handling, etc.

This market of markets has consolidated its position as the largest European market of perishable food.

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