Menù s.r.l. is a leading producer of food specialities for the catering industry including condiments, sauces and pastes, mushrooms, pasta dishes, ready meals, cake and dessert mixes. The company has always tried to account for changing tastes with new products whilst
ensuring constant use of quality ingredients, processing hygiene and packaging safety.

Menù in constant growth

More than eighty years have passed since Romolo Barbieri founded a firm in 1932 to produce cured meats in Cavezzo, near Modena. The growth of the company in that time has been nothing short of a genuine metamorphosis.
Today Menù, presided over by Rodolfo Barbieri, the son of the founder, Romolo is a company with:
- 250 employees
- over 400 sales agents
- approximately 30,000 customers
- over 800 products in its catalogue
- production facility of more than 40.000 sq. metres and a turnover of more than 82 milion euro (2016).

Menù specialties:

OVER 40 TYPES OF MUSHROOM DELICACIES: Field and porcini mushrooms in an exquisite and exclusive aseptic formula. Field mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, chanterelle mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, sheathed woodtuft mushrooms and even shiitake mushrooms from Japan. All freshly
gathered and than cooked by Menù in a variety of ways. Olive oil, parsley and garlic, olive oil and au naturel.
OVER 20 TYPES OF ARTICHOKE SPECIALITIES: Cooked using our own recipes and traditional ones such as alla giudia or grilled, alla rustica or farmhouse-style and alla romana or Roman-style. Artichokes for all your recipes. Harvested seasonally and freshly cooked ready for use in pasta dishes, appetisers, side dishes, on pizza and in sandwiches.
OVER 100 SAUCES AND CONDIMENTS: Traditional meat ragouts and more sophisticated recipes using game and refined ingredients. Mediterranean and new sauces and pastes made using the finest vegetables, meat or fish and available in spicy and milder versions. Tomato sauce, peeled tinned tomatoes and chopped tomatoes. A vegetable for every occasion to satisfy the tastes of all. These are
the versatile tools to ensure menu variations every day. Lots of ideas for pasta dishes and to give extra flavour to many other recipes.
OVER 40 CAKE AND DESSERT MIXES: Crème brûlée, ice cream cakes, panna cotta as well as cake and dessert toppings and mixes to name but a few. Lots of ideas for cakes, desserts and ice cream cakes which taste as good as they look.

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