Martin de Prado | Monovarietal MANZANILLA VILLUERCAS E.V.O.O.

Available in dark glass botles of  8,45fl.oz. - 16,91fl.oz - 25,36fl.oz. and rectangular can container 169,07fl.oz.

The MANZANILLA we grow in Villuercas becomes in a medium fruity E.V.O.O., with basilico and tomato leaves notes. 

It reminds us freshly cut grass.

The initial sweetness is complemented by notes of friendly and balanced bitter and spiciness.

A glut is the perfect touch for a soup or robusts fishes such as cod or salmon. Harmonises also with grilled vegetables. 

Martín de Prado is a family name, deeply rooted in farming and livestock tradition at the West of Spain.

The mill, at the impressive city of Trujillo, is 2 hours from Madrid. Mild winters make olive oil elaboration perfect to achieve Martín de Prado ´s passion for quality, healthiness and beauty.

Our olives do not fall on the ground and branches are assisted but never beated, critical steps among others, when producing a Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Reaching best results, in terms of high gastronomy and nutritious values, is a commitment that obliges us to an early harvesting, at night, avoiding high temperatures and fruit ´s oxidation.

Olives are picked an cold pressed immediately, without chemical additives or any kind of further processing involved. Bottling takes place in the utmost strict conditions of ISOs, BRC and IFS last versions and FDA requirements.

Mono-varietal oils are never blended with other oils so to retain all the natural polyphenols and anti-oxidants. Such olive oils are robust and spicy and its aroma is mostly described as grass, artichoke and green tea with a hint of herbs. Our dark bottles protect the precious results from direct light, preventing from oxidization and rancidity.