• Exhibitor: MALVASIA
  • Brand name: MALVASIA

The Block of Foie Gras is the fatty duck liver, it can be presented either with pieces of fatty duck liver (35%) mixed with minced foie gras or entirely minced (emulsionated). 

Depending on the heat and pressure treatment the Bloc of Foie Gras will be semi-preserved or preserved.

The different formats we offer are:

Block of Foie Gras with Pieces round can 1 kg, easy-to-open can 130 g

Block of Foie Gras with Pieces and Truffle 130 g

Block of Foie Gras round can 1 kg, Canapes 4 bars/ 1 kg and Mini 100 g

Block of Foie Gras 190 g, 125 g, 65 g, 180 g glass jar and easy-to-open can 130 g

Malvasia is a company dedicated to producing foods which satisfy high customer demands, specialising in duck foie gras products.

Our premises are in Abejar, a town in the province of Soria, situated in the Pinares de Urbión area. This particular spot is known for its great natural resources and gastronomy.

The climate of Soria is particularly suitable for rearing foie gras ducks all year round.

Develop a great foie gras requires the best raw materials, and ensure that quality is only possible from the total control of production. Our race Mulard ducks are raised according to traditional criteria: feeding corn, stay in outdoor parks, betting on a production premium quality over quantity.

The company was created in 1989, and in 2006, the current facilities were opened. These include the kitchen, the laboratory and offices, as well as 3.500 m2 area which consists of the abattoir, quartering room and factory.