Organic Handcraft Raspberry Extra Jam 80% Fruit- Bio Slow Jam - "Raspberry Kiss"

  • Exhibitor: LoRUSSo
  • Brand name: LoRUSSo
  • Sector: MERMELADA
  • Organic
  • New

Preparation: Artisan "Slow Made" in small batches, in our factory located on the mountains, in a rural, quiet and clean environment, using renewal energies in our production processes. 

Presentation: High quality silk-screened extra-flint cristal jar made in Italy. Every jar carry an individual and elegant gift case/belt made of high quality paper printed in silver hot stamping.

Ingredients: *Raspberries from Andalusia 80%, *sugarcane, *lemon juice, fruit pectin. *Organic/Bio Certified. Natural 100%, free from colorings and preservatives, Gluten free, Vegan friendly. 

Sizes: (Net/Gross weights): 290g/625g - 160g/450g

We make organic "Slow-made" handcrafted high-end premium products, with elegant, modern and funny designs, made from the heart and inspired by beauty.

We buy the organic fruits from Andalusian small farmers who grow with exquisite practices, and we prepare them in small quantities obtaining juicy "Bio Slow Jams" 80% fruit.

We also have our own olives, almonds and fruits traditional farm "Cortijo El Marqués" located in the "Sierra de Los Filabres" and "Valle del Almanzora", municipality of Chercos (Almería, Andalusia), obtaining a sublime "Bio EVOO Juice" Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and EVOO pearls. 

We work in a mountain, rural, quiet and clean environment using renewable energies in our small factory, and applying the latest organic and regenerative farming techniques in our fields, that result in a range of surprising new products. 

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