Iranian Saffron threads. Premium Quality.

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  • Brand name: LAYBE
  • Sector: ESPECIAS
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It comes from the Crocus sativus plant and requires a continental climate, cold in winter and hot in summer. Currently it occurs in several countries but in most in very small amounts. Iran and Spain are the saffron producing countries greater quantity and quality, also finding in other countries like Morocco, Egypt, India and Turkey.

Saffron is the ingredient considered the caviar in the world of spices. This is because of the intensive labor and the production required lot of saffron to produce just one gram. Today it is enjoyed around the world by millions of people. The most renowned and prestigious chefs consider saffron as a special ingredient in their dishes that can not be replaced, using it both to add color to achieve a genuine and pleasant flavor.

Saffron is used more than 3000 years ago. Can be used for: “paella”, rissotto, rice, stews, spanish omelette, vegetables, meat cake, fish or seafood consomme, whipped cream, sauces, salts and sugar, desserts, ice cream, chocolates, cakes… etc. Is widely used in teas or infusions.As medicinal use, it has digestive properties, analgesics, relieves gum pain and is characterized by its antidepressant effect or improvement mood.In adittion is also used to dye suits or carpets, beause of its powerful color.

Small tin box whit 1 g Iranian Saffron threads.

Whole threads of bright red and characteristic aroma. ISO I (High quality)

Coloring power: minimum 220 units.

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