Grinder Smoked Salt from Sierra Nevada, Spain, 200g.

  • Exhibitor: LAYBÉ
  • Brand name: LAYBE
  • Sector: SAL
  • New
This natural salt it comes from an underground river of salt water in Sierra Nevada, Spain. Favorable weather conditions for water evaporation and crystallization of this special Sierra Nevada salt is given from spring to autumn. Once the water is evaporated, its achieved a completely free contaminations white salt. This salt retains all its original minerals and trace elements, making it worthy of its reputation as one of the best salts in the Mediterranean basin. Salt produced naturally, only with the energy of the sun and wind and free of any chemical additives. It’s smoked by oak wood.Our "Sierra Nevada" smoked salt is the ideal salt for day-to-day use. Salt is smoked to convey the best barbacue flavor in your dishes. Also it used for smoked fish, soups, stews, salads, vegetable and olive oil toast.

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