Acorn-Fed Iberian Chorizo

Acorn-Fed Iberian Chorizo, made with the best pork meet from our pigs, vacuum packed in 160 microns thick package to ensure optimal preservation, with an approximate weight of 1 kg

Malaga-based company that produces and markets genuine Purebread Iberian Pigs (100% Iberian).

All our Purebread Iberian Pigs are reared in the Valle del Genal (closed to Ronda) in a rugged terrain, plenty of water and grass.   With a controlled feeding from birth, based on cereals and legumes during the spring, summer and part of fall, this is completed with chestnut and 4 types of acorns (holm trees, cork trees, dwarf and gall oaks) before the sacrifice.  

The purebreed of our pigs, the climatic and topographical  conditions from the Valle del Genal and the best quality and natural feeding, produce the infiltration of oleic acids into the meet and a flavor and texture surpassing.  

Our products are aimed at the premiun segment. Signature Iberian Pork Products (Ibéricos de Autor) by its unique character: high quality, tradition and limited edition.   Discover the unique touch of chestnut: our stamp of author.