AFRICAN TASTES proudly presents exclusively at the Salón de Gourmets de Madrid its newest products for 2017. 

After the big success of Sasana Veal range - launched last May 2016 -  they have created the first premium chicken biltong range in the world, completely natural and tasty.

As usual, with the best raw materials & quality and stretching margins to offer the most competitive price. 

They are pioneers and creators, outstanding for its innovations and its superior quality.

3 varieties:

· Traditional

· Curry

· Lemon&Herbs

(Also available its Special Edition of crunchy chips de chips)


• 30g (its a 90g fresh chicken breat fillet)

• 300g (specially made for horeca and catering)

RSP: 1.95€ / 17.5€


· fresh yellow chicken breast of farms from Lleida and Girona (Spain) + apple cide vinegar from La Rioja + mediterranean spices. Nothing else.

The whole Sasana Biltong range is:

·  Allergen FREE.

·  Additive FREE

·  Nitrate FREE


·  NO sugar added

· 100% natural

· 100% handmade

· 100% Paleo

·  Halal Certified

·  Km.0. Proximity product. Lowcarbon footprint. Made in Spain (Pyrenees north of Barcelona)

Nutritional analysis: ??58-60% high biological value protein. ??2.5g of fat (<1g saturated) ??<1g of carbs. 

The light healthy, tasty and natural snack. The Ultimate Snack. There´s nothng as good as this!

Try it at our stand 4F11 (pavillion 4, Corridor F, stand 11).

AFRICAN TASTES is the first company to create, innovate and manufacture premium gourmet protein snacks in Spain and Europe (apart from UK). Born in Sant Cugat in 2014, we started in 2014 and have been in the following trade shows: Salón Gourmet 2015, Alimentaria 2016, ACE 2016 and Salon Gourmet 2017.

  • Our Biltong (premium veal shavings) is the fruit of a full year of product development to adapt it to the Western European palates as dried meat products tend to be too strong and chewables due to its thickness and meat quality. We have created the FIRST MEDITERRANEAN GOURMET BILTONG. The ultimate snack: 100% preference vs Jerky!
  • SIMPLICITY. It´s a premium grass-fed veal silverside steak of 75-100gr marinated, spiced and slowly air-dried for a week at 30º. We cut it in thin and fine shavings and pack it in controlled atmosphere. Thus we are talking about MEAT + VINEGAR + SPICES. Nothing else. 100% natural.
  • Very different compared to american Jerky that tends to use strips of frozen neck/silverside of old cows (which makes it fibrous and chewable) and quickly dries it in just 6h at 75-80ºC resulting in the denaturalization of the protein thus losing its biological value (key for absorption and metabolic usage). As it looses its taste and smell, sugary sauces (fructose-based mainly) are added at the enf ot the process.

    Ours is ‘slowly air-dried’ preserving all the taste, smell and quality of the meat including its high biological value.

    Biltong´s taste comes from the outstanding meat quality combined with the spices and vinegar. Making it a very special product in cuisine and top restaurants. Our product has been fostered by well-known sommelierFerran Centelles (sommelier at El Bulli for more than a decade and one of our top spanish international experts) and we got the 2015 Superior Tastes Award by the ITQi (interntarional Taste & Quality Institute)

  • GENUINE: Our product has its own DNA and identity as its born from merging the South African and Spanish gastronomy cultures. That is our key element to became the pioneer & #1 sales protein snack  in Spain.
  • NATIONAL: We are the ONLY meat protein gourmet snack manufactured in Spain. We care so much about our product that we control the whole vertical chain by visiting the farms to verify the veal quality & conditions, up to the point of sale.
  • PROXIMITY: We work exclusively with fresh silverside steaks of veals from the Catalonian Pyrenees in a Low Carbon Footprint Project: the slaughterhouse, the manufacturing plant and the farms are all around 40km2. This is a clear competitive advantage as we can offer a SUPERIOR QUALITY product and we boost the local economy while preserving the environment.
  • CERTIFICIED: Our product is HALAL and PALEO approved. Suitable for all diets and targets from kids to seniors.
  • IDEAL FOR COOKING: It´s a great snack but also works well in creating surpring dishes as a protein flavouring in rice, salad, pasta, creams, pastry...
  • VERY NOURISHING: 52% Pure High Biological Protein plus low in fat (4%), low in calories (75-100kcal/bag) and low in carbs.
    Natural source of iron, vitamins B and aminoacids.
  • RANGES: KUBDU GOURMET (exclusive for the specialist channel. With GPI Balsamic Modena Vinegar) and SASANA (sold in supermarkets, nutrition shops, vending, transports... With Apple Cider Vinegar from La Rioja. Softer taste, less spiced)
  • VARIETIES: Kubdu Original / Spicy / Boboti (curry) · Sasana Tradicional / Picante
  • Currently sold in more than a 10 countries and with a pipeline innovation of >35 products to be launched.

At Salon Gourmet 2017 we will introduce our new developments fro 2017: Kubdu Black Garlic · Sasana Yellow Chicken Breast Tradicional / Curry / Lemon&herbs. And more surprises!

Visit us at stand 4F11 (pavilion 4) and get to know the NEW GENERATION OF GOURMET MEAT PROTEIN SNACKS!

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