A exquisite honey pure and natural orange blossom flower with saffron La Mancha. .A gourmet honey which has a soft floral aroma with a distinctive touch of which the saffron provides , we get a delicious blend of sweet flavors that merge and enhance.A different, special and elegant honey. Enjoy all the properties of honey and saffron with designation of origin La Mancha in a single product. Two excellent ingredients which give numerous medicinal properties, including high antioxidant, antidepressant and digestive properties.

AZAFRANES MANCHEGOS is a family company with a long and dedicated trajectory in the production and commercialization of saffron since 1850, it was founded by Francisco Martínez, current managing director and fifth generation of his family.

The company is based in Alcala de la Júcar (Albacete) a privileged enclave in the region of La Mancha, where the best saffron in the world is cultivated.

AZAFRANES MANCHEGOS carefully selects suppliers assuring traditional cultivation and guaranteeing the highest quality saffron.

Our aim centers on constant improvement that includes quality management , food safety and last but not least the care and satisfaction of our clients.