Degustación de productos Juan Ranas

Se darán a degustar todos los productos de Juan Ranas:

Tomate frito Gourmet

Tomate Frito Casero

Tomate preparado para tostadas


Bloody Mary

Cerveza Artesana

It often happens. We usually think that everything has already been invented, that nothing can surprise us anymore… It’s in this very moment when a new idea is born, a different concept, a new flavour.The Juan Ranas home-made tomato sauce is exactly that, the new flavour in tomato sauce.It is not a new artificial ingredient, nor a new taste enhancer. Quite the opposite, the Juan Ranas home-made tomato sauce is absolutely natural, the pleasure of eating a tasty new food with complete trust. A product awarded the ¨Premio Salón de Gourmets 2015¨ (Gourmet Awards).

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