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  • Exhibitor: INTEGRA2
  • Brand name: FRIOPAQ
  • Sector: OTROS

Food products under the best conditions. Integra2 is currently the transport operator with the best distribution network for products from the food and agriculture sector.

Integra2 is the Logista Group’s network for controlled temperature capillary transport, specializing in the pharmaceutical and food industries. 

Its network provides services committing to quality and specialization in its operations. 

This extensive network, which already in 2007 was the first to be certified under the CCQI (Cool Chain Quality Indicator) standard, ensures the maintenance of the cold chain in the capillary transport and allows to provide temperature-controlled capillary transport to other sectors and industries, such as refrigerated gourmet food or the convenience products channel. 

Integra2's commitment to quality extends to the use of the most advanced information and security technologies, as well as a commitment to environment. 

Thus, we provide our clients with the benefits of reliable shipping and the associated information, facilitating integration with their ERP and becoming the best business partner by automating procedures and providing traceability and transparency to their operations. 

Also Integra2 is certified according to international standards OHSAS 18001 for Safety and Health and has an accident rate below half the industry’s average, while optimizes routes and measures the environmental impact of our operations within an ambitious program for reducing emissions.

Logista in SpainLogista in Spain is the leading distributor of products and services to proximity retailers, delivering to over 150,000 points of sale across the country. Logista distributes, among other, tobacco and convenience products, electronic top-ups, pharmaceuticals, books, publications and lotteries. Also, Logista has a comprehensive, modern transport division with the Nacex, Integra2 and Logesta networks.

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