• Exhibitor: INHOSPAN S.L
  • Brand name: INNHOSPAN
  • New
Robust and resistant stainless steel industrial machines ideal for a big production, professional electric  equipment.Technical features·         Manufactured of AISI 304  18/10 stainless steel .·         Fryng in stainless steel AISI 304 18/10 integrated in the body.·         Wheels for easy movement·         Flat resistance that prevents unproductive oil.·         Adjustable analog thermostat temperature 0º-250ºC.·         Independet safely thermostat, maximun temperature 270ºC·         Fully removable, for easy cleaning resistance.·         Insulation of high temperature thermal blanket Woll SUPER 13mm thick 128kg/m3 density.·         Oil drain valve 1 "Optional;·         Container lid.·         Mast to hang extruder or cutting potatoes.

INGENIERIA HOSTELERA PANADERA S.L. is a manufacturer of commercial catering equipment, Hot kneading o cream cooker, churros fryer, automatic extruder, pastry fryer, electric fryers wihout smoke. We started business in 2003 are maintaining a policy of continual progress, has faced profound changes in the most important areas of the company: design, logistics, production and management. Last year we also initiated an INNIVATION process, which will enable us to continue as one of the leaders in our sector and further improve our customer service.Our company counts with 5000m2, build to minimize the impact on the environment.Commitment acquired with society, INHOSPAN is aware of its social responsibility as economic and development agent: employment, wealth, diffusion of know-how and experiences, development and innovation projects are some of the commitments that INHOSPAN has with society. Of equal way a work always oriented towards the individual, to the experience of satisfaction of the final user. Design and technology to offer total security and maximum quality. Confidence, seriousness and professionalism in the relation with suppliers and clients: a high level post-sale service and efficient and punctual technical aid.

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