Practical case of 100 grs. of Iberian Ham selected of the highest quality "Bellota", with the arrangement of the slices on the plate in the "Restaurant" style. A product marked with the prestigious origin of Extremadura.An ideal solution for Horeca points of sale, where there is a low turnover of products and where entire pieces are not used properly. It allows to dose the ration to the consumer, knowing in advance the cost and the expected benefit.A basic reference for "Delicatessen" type outlets.

Grupo Villar, with more than 50 years of experience in the meat sector, focuses its strategy on meeting the needs of its customers and offering the maximum quality and variety of products derived from white and Iberian pigs to all families. It continuously presents products and formats adapted to the new consumption habits: Iberian ham with DO, hams "serranos" in white pig, whole or boneless products. Sausages and a wide range of slices and products Healthy and balanced.

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