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IMA, PROVIDING SOLUTIONS FOR THE HOSPITALITY AND CATERING INDUSTRY FOR MORE THAN 25 YEARS  At IMA Industries we have a lot of experience designing and developing high quality equipment. Since our establishment we have made it our number one priority to respond to customer and market demands.  That’s why we never stop innovating and improving the overall quality of our products. We are dedicated to service, perfection and superior quality here at IMA. As a result, we have different departments and all our staff are skilled and specialized in their fields. Our Research and Development team of engineers has created technology that is UNIQUE to our business.  Patents filed protect our technology and ensure our customers are the only ones that can use our products, and make adjustments need. Giving them an edge over the competition. 

IMA’s customer service department has extensive services for corporations; our mission is to work closely with companies, so we can offer the best solutions in order to optimize the business’ readability. Also, we provide guidelines for startup companies, to facilitate their production process.  On top of that our technical department provides maintenance and repairing services, so at IMA we can guarantee full support for our clients. Should a machine breakdown occur we offer support. Typically, we can provide remote service thanks to the simple design. We offer our customers the opportunity to test the machinery. IMA offers a fully equipped demonstration centre. This training and demo facility is designed to bring experts together to experience the full potential of IMA equipment. This enables our customers to experience the quality prior to purchase. If you would like to get further information about any of our products do not hesitate to contact us or fill up the request form below and we will contact you as briefly as possible.