Valdeón blue cheese GPI - 2,5 kg

Valdeón is a cheese with a blue veined paste, made all year round with cow’s and goat’s milk. It has a rough, irregular rind in dark grey shades with little red and bluish marks.

The paste has a soft texture and a pale yellow color and it is full of small cavities where a white and greenish blue mould is concentrated. Its flavour is strong, a little bit spicy, salty, pronounced and long lasting. Valdeón cheese is a greasy and buttery on the palate and very aromatic.

In a cylindrical format, it appears in wheels weighing around 2’400 kg. approximately.


Valdeón Valley is a deep tectonic trough hidden on the southern spur of Picos de Europa mountain range, in the province of León. The rich aromatic milk produced in these fertile green pastures makes the Valdeón cheese one of the best Spanish blue cheeses. Its main secret lies in the quality of the milk produced in this region.

It is made with 90% pasteurised cow’s milk and 5% goat’s. The percentage of goats milk varies depending on the season. Valdeón Cheese has achieved the Protected Geographical Indication status.   Its flavour is full bodied with an aromatic and lingering aroma; it is rich and melting on the tongue, with tart and salty undertone. The Valdeón cheese is wrapped in maple leaves and protected by a transparent film. It can also be wrapped in leaves motive foil.

A recent research carried out by IMBIOTEC has demonstrated that Blue cheese from Valdeón has anti-tumoral properties due to its high content in andrastine per gram. The andrastine is an anti-carcinogenic compound discovered in Japan a decade ago.

Ingredients: pasteurised cow and goat’s milk, cheese cultures, Penicillium roqueforti, animal rennet (from cow) and salt.