Uno de los quesos emblema de Holanda. Gouda DOP elaborado con leche de vaca pasteurizada, de color amarillo oscuro con un complejo y profundo sabor que se desarrolla a través del envejecimiento natural durante 18 meses en bodegas tradicionales.

• The Iberconseil Group was founded in 1986. In 2015, Iberconseil grows its turnover reaching 55 million, with an annual growth of about 12%. Distributes a total of 12,000 tones of cheese from Europe  in Spain. Currently, Iberconseil has an important position in the ranking of European Cheeses Distributors in Spain and ensures logistics coverage throughout the country. Present in all channels of distribution: Local and national retailers, hotels, restaurants and traditional stores. Distributes throughout the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic and Canary Islands.

• Iberconseil, with its extensive experience in the international environment, has made possible the development of a complex and highly effective logistics network. It has a committed team that strives to maintain its commitment to quality and innovation. We have a 98% of satisfaction in logistic area by our customers. Over 30 years of experience in distribution of European cheeses in Spanish market. Our warehouses in Gerona are the center of an international logistics platform that receives every day products from all Europe. The distribution throughout the peninsula is in reduced lead, having passed a rigorous quality control (EAN 128, temperature control, etc.). This modern conception of the distribution gives us the flexibility to meet the needs of the market and our customers.

•   We have a very strong brand positioning in Spain. We have done a restyling of our image recently and we have keep a very similar image because our clients and distributors can identify perfectly our company. We have done a very hard work to get this strong positioning and have a coherent image in all our materials. Some studies in our country give us a level of excellence in this area after following our work. We try to listen to our customers’ needs and constantly adapt to the market trends. We have created a lot of tools to support the sales: - Interactive Web (with information of all products, the best brands of Europe in cheese production...) - Catalogs (General, summer, Christmas, etc..) - Monthly “Bulletins” with promotions and actions for our best customers - Monthly Newsletter with technical characteristics of different European cheeses. (characteristics of each cheese, PDO zone, simple recipes...). This 2016, we have prepared a new campaign, 30Years, 30 cheeses, 30 recipes. And this 2017 we will have the TAPAS campaign.

•  Iberconseil works with the best suppliers and European brands to offer a wide range of high quality assortments. Market trends are moving towards specialties and there is an increasing interest in cheese culture. Iberconseil responds to this growing demand supplying and selecting the best assortment of European cheeses in order to satisfy the most demanding customer. We invest a lot of time in finding the best new products for Christmas, new special references, new trends, etc. We supply different things and position ourselves as the best advice partner for our customers.

• Iberconseil stands out by selecting the best European products with the most prominent specialties in each country of PDO cheeses and the most amazing novelties.