tasting of cold cuts made from mangalica pork

Mangalica is a lard-type pig that was first bred in 1833, in a farm that belonged to the Habsburg royalty. It is the only wooly pig in the world and also the fattiest one. The breed was almost extinct by the 1970. In 1991, Spanish Hungarian cooperation was established to save the breed of the mangalica. Soon after, a Spanish company called Jamones Segovia started to sell cured mangalica ham in his high-end product range. MOE is the only stately acknowledged mangalica breeders association, playing major role in gene preservation, animal registration, quality control and issue of certificates of authenticity. In 2004, mangalica was declared as an edible national treasure by the Hungarian Parliament. During Salón de Gourmets 2017, our breeder member, Miss Zsoka Fekete will be showcasing her country style, premium quality cold cut products. 

Zsoka's family farm: "We sell live animals, breeding animals and the animals which are fattened. We process them and the products are transferred to local farmer markets, Budapest, festivals and abroad as well. Our main products are sausages, bacon and fat, as well as premium products, such as ham. There are also filling goods: pork cheese, chitterlings and a variety of pies. Our intention is to always make innovative products, our goal is not mass production. We strive to be someone to produce better quality and more unique products. The vegetable production is also part of the family business, which enables us to use our products such as pepper and garlic for meat seasoning. Continuous developments are being carried out in our farm operations, e.g. hot water gained from solar panels."

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