Hifas da Terra received the 2016 Spanish Food Award #Alimentosdespaña

Hifas da Terra received the 2016 Spanish Food Award #Alimentosdespaña from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and the Environment which recognized the excellence of its products and the incredible work behind the label Hifas da Terra.

In the eight sections awarded at the XIX edition of the award – Food Industry, Restoration, Organic Production, Communication, Food Internationalization, Fisheries and Maritime Production, Entrepreneurship Initiative and Extraordinary Food Prize of Spain – Hifas da Terra received the prize for the best Organic Production, standing out for being an “original company in all of its aspects” that differentiates for its “research and rural development”, as well as for the “innovation” with its gourmet products and nutritional supplements, syrups and cosmetics which main ingredients are mushrooms and their bioactive compounds.

We are dedicated to the research and the creation of innovative products based on organic mushrooms.Although the company was founded 1999, our research in the world of mushrooms had already started in the 60’s. It all began in “A Quinta das Cabadas”, a family country house dated 1737, in a spectacular, magical environment under forests of oak and chestnut trees, bathed by the pure winds of the Atlantic Ocean in As Rías Baixas, Galicia, Spain.

Hifas da Terra is Europe’s first applied mycology reference centre specializing in integrative medicine. Our goal is for you to discover …what mushrooms can do for you… through our products.

We study the active principles contained in mushrooms, cultivate them and create new products that improve the quality of people's lives while helping to take care of our planet.We research and apply the latest knowledge of mycology to the production of superfoods, innovative foods based on mushrooms. A specific beauty routine has been developed based on healing mushrooms that nourishes the most sensitive of skins. We have created the most powerful line of natural nutraceuticals from organic medicinal mushrooms.

With our mushroom cultivation farms we promote rural development and by planting more than 80,000 inoculated chestnut trees and oaks per year we contribute to the protection of the landscape and the promotion of natural environments.

Why mushrooms?

Thanks to their biochemical composition, mushrooms have been able to adapt to different conditions of life, being the oldest living organisms on the planet.They possess the most important natural chemical compounds for humans: Antibiotics, compounds with immunoregulatory functions (both immunosuppressants and immunostimulatory); α and β-glucans; triterpenes; ganoderic acids, proteoglycans, an enormous variety of enzymes such as SOD (one of the body's most powerful natural antioxidant enzyme), vitamins and ergosterol (precursor of vitamin D), minerals, essential amino acids, etc.