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Ice creams Nordwik revolutionizes pole segment with Biox Pallets

Nordwik 'revolutionizes pole segment with' Pallets Biox ' ANA B. SÁNCHEZ23 / 03/2017 Ice creams Nordwik revolutionizes pole segment with Biox Pallets Penalva Alimentación, a Granada company that sells ice cream with the 'Nordwik' brand, seeks to surprise in the segment of the poles with the launch of 'Pallettas Biox', made with 100% natural ingredients, without lactose, gluten, fat and low in Sugars. If you have already revolutionized this segment with the first range of 'Palettas', this year you go one step further with 'Biox', adding new foods with nutritional properties that help the digestive processes, improve the balance of the system Cardiovascular, soften the effects of the sun on the skin or take care of the circulatory system, among others. The new range 'Biox' is composed of four references designed especially for those who want to take care of their diet without depriving themselves of a whim, since they move between 53 and 66 kcal per pole. Green Detox is made with pineapple, apple, spinach, cucumber and kale, a composition that offers therapeutic benefits thanks to its natural sugars, amino acids, vitamins A, B and C and minerals such as calcium, magnesium or phosphorus and A high pectin content, which helps to lower cholesterol; 'Sun Defense' (53 kcal) is the 'Palleta' made of orange, carrot, banana, aloe vera and above Q10, which combines the antioxidant power of fruits with the ability of aloe vera to improve skin elasticity , Becoming the perfect ally in the days of exposure to the sun. The 'Paletta Biox Cardio' (66 kcal) incorporates chia seeds alongside strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and beets; Which helps reduce cholesterol, combat constipation, pamper the body and help the cardiovascular system. Finally, the 'Paletta Exotic' combines the taste of mango, papaya, loquat, fresh mint and coconut in a pole of 53 kcal, an explosion of tropical flavors that, in addition to the satiating effect of its fibers, helps control the blood pressure. The range of 'Pallets Biox' is marketed in boxes of four units: on the one hand 'Green Detox' and 'Sun Defense'; And for another 'Cardio' and 'Exotic'. The four varieties join the range of 'Palettas' that has been selling since last year with flavors of raspberry, mango, lemon and mint and pineapple, all products also lactose free, gluten, fats and low in sugars.


ILUSIÓN is our main ingredient, we make an illusion in everything we do, from tradition we innovate, our obsession is to manufacture quality products from the best raw materials and the utmost care in the manufacturing process.

We combine the industrial with the artisan, we are able to get a great production of artisan form, generating details that only manually could be obtained.

NORDWIK ice cream has been bringing its products to the whole national territory since 1970, conquering the most famous and demanding palates, and the nostalgic ones who still remember the ice cream carts of our first ice cream masters.


NORDWIK Ice Cream has started its third research project funded by the INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT CENTER, in collaboration with large local and national companies, always looking to invent the future from the past. At the end of the ATENA project (2013-2015) "Olive oil and other healthy fats"

Technological applications for its transformation into products with high added value "we embarked on the CARMENTA (2015-2017) project" New technological innovation strategies aimed at the health and well-being of children and women "


NORDWIK ice cream counts since 2015 with the prestigious certificate of quality and food safety IFS granted by the audit SGS, detail of guarantee for customers and consumers. Thanks to this certificate we guarantee that all manufacturing processes comply with international manufacturing standards and allow us to be at the forefront.