24th New Products Exhibition

The New Products Exhibition provides an ideal forum at which to discover the latest new developments and assess the latest advances within the industry. The products presented in this, the most visited section of Salón de Gourmets, are new, unique, different and, above all, highly original.

More than 1.100 high-quality food and drink products are exhibited in the display-cases in this part of the exhibition (audited figures from the last edition), including oils, wines, preserved foods, snacks, condiments, Fourth and Fifth Range foods, jams, sweet foods, etc., making up a showcase of considerable interest and appeal to trade visitors. This exhibition also attracts the attention of the national and international accredited media.

 These exclusive new developments all began to be marketed as of April 2016, consisting of delicatessen creations that deserve to play a starring role at a fair such as Salón de Gourmets, which places prime focus on the products themselves.

A Jury of Experts will have the arduous task of choosing the products that are worthy of receiving the Six Salón de Gourmets Prizes awarded in three categories:

Prize for Innovation: This award recognises the R&D and innovation deployed by companies and is presented to the special product that, in addition to being new and innovative, also represents an advance for the industry and for consumers.

 • Prize for Presentation: This award is based on the coherent combination of two essential aspects: aesthetic appeal, which encompasses the presentation of the product; and the informative aspect from a consumer point of view. The award recognises the propitious balance between the aesthetic appeal of the packaging and the information that faithfully summarises the product’s nutritional value.

Prize for Versatility: This award is granted to the product that, due to its unique characteristics, is capable of enriching the culinary scene based on its multiple applications.

After its twenty-three consecutive editions, the New Products Exhibition will undoubtedly continue to attract attention and consolidate its status as the most media-worthy section at Salón de Gourmets, given that it will define the national and international culinary trends for 2017 – 2018.

The Six Salón de Gourmets Prizes will be presented on Thursday 27th April 2017 at 12.30 pm in the Auditorium of the Salon.

Consult the new products

6th Gourmets / A Punto Show Cooking Area that was organised at the last edition within the New Products Exhibition section: 

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