22nd Wine Tunnel / MAPAMA

Sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Foodstuffs and the Environment (MAPAMA), the Wine Tunnel is one of the activities at Salón de Gourmets that attracts the largest numbers of visitors, specifically 28,700 persons at the last edition, some 11.24% more than the previous edition.

The success and appeal of this exclusive wine corridor consists of the opportunity to sample the best single varietal wines in Spain, numbering 297 wines from 240 vineyards, chosen by experts at MAPAMA and members of the Wine-Tasting Committee of the Gourmets Wine Guide published by Grupo Gourmets.

"We want to offer visitors an opportunity to discover all the grape varieties cultivated in Spain, enabling them to see how the same variety, cultivated in different areas has different characteristics, and how it acclimatises and acquires different taste sensations and aromas when sampled during a wine-tasting session,” declares Ignacio Crespo, the Editor of the Gourmets Wine Guide (‘Guía de Vinos Gourmets’).

Visitors will be given a small manual to help them discover the wines on show, whilst they enjoy and learn about them with the assistance of the sommeliers attending the Wine Tunnel.

Completing the wine experience, various Spanish wine-growers will offer tasting sessions and beginner’s courses in which participants can discover different elaboration and maturing methods used for white wines, red wines, rosés and sparkling wines, as well as learning about their different characteristics and marriages.

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