Definition: Cheese made with pasteurized goat milk.

Ingredients: Pure goat milk , rennet, lactic ferments , calcium chloride and salt.

Presentation:  Whole wheels and wedges in vacuum packed.

Storage Temperature: 4 - 8 º C.

GREGORIO DIAZ MIGUEL, S.A. is a Spanish family company dedicated to the production of Manchego Cheese, Sheep Cheese, Goat Cheese and Mixed Milk Cheese .

The company has offices, refrigerated warehouses and a manufacturing plant, with a capacity of production of 6 million kilos of cheese per year.

Thanks to our commitment to high quality and best practices, the company has received several awards in Spain and abroad.

We are a company dedicated to satisfy the needs of our consumers by providing quality products, through the application of the traditional knowledge and innovative techniques in the manufacture of cheese. Customers are our main allies that allow us to improve day by day.

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