Day of Gaintza Txakolina

The first day of the Gourmet, we are going to give a special recognition to our first Brand, Gaintza Txakolina. We are going to taste two different harvest to taste the txakoli's evolution in a bottle.

Gaintza has a long and proud history that goes back four generations linked tothe Lazkano family, who have been involved on the production, manufacturing and sale of Txakoli. Sincé its creation in 1923, until its last expansión in 2012, Gaintza has always been a Pioneer. An innovative Company in constant transformation make each winery unique.

Four are our principal values:

  • Integrated Viticulture, the respect we feel to the Earth made us begin a path to get more sustainable product. The Integrated farming get to us the tools necesary to start this new adventure.
  • Oenology Excellence, the secure of quality in every stage of the vinification is our principal objective and with an Integral Production, a member of the family control the quality.
  • The identity of the txakoli endures in Gaintza. The two generations working side by side make our txakoli a txakoli that remember the ancient txakolí.
  • The txakoli culture, we are proud of who we are and we like to project it. The wine tourism has been a bet of thhe winery and make Gaintza a different in its territory.

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