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At the begining of 1997 a family group with more than 75 years of experience, 3 genertions of farming and producing extra virgin olive oil, decided to start an ambitious industrial project joining the olives of their own states with the production, bottling and marketing of premium quality virgin olive oil (AOVE). Our olive grove is in a protected natural area nd biosphere reserve, SEGURA DE LA SIERRA, a region surrounded by mountains and pine trees with an altitude of 750 metres that gives a unique characteristics as it is the limit to produce olive trees.

Our project has always had a clear objetive, produce a unique premium extra virgin olive oil respecting the enviroment and we have succeeded every year with more than 80 international and national awards.

FUENROBLE was first produced in 1999. An extra virgin olive oil of premium quality obtained from a variety of olives called Picual.

Taking advantage of the know-how acquired over these years with the brand Fuenroble, we decided to select different extra virgin olive oil varieties to promote them and therefore we decided to launch VALROBLE with the aim of helping olive oil lovers to know more about olive culture, such as its scents, colours and flavours allowing them to taste new varieties of olive oils. That is how Valroble Picual, Valroble Arbequina, Valroble Fusion and Valroble Ecológico were born.

  • Brand name: FUENROBLE