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  • Exhibitor: FRUITS DE LA TERRA
  • Brand name: FRUITS DE LA TERRA

Sliced black truffle, Tuber melanosporum Vitt.  in extra virgin olive oil, coupage variety.  Without preservatives and colourants. 

Commercial presentation in jar of 10 gr.

Fruits de la Terra is a Spanish gourmet company specialized in harvesting wild truffles, cultivating black truffles and the commercialisation of fresh truffles and truffle speciality products.  

We harvest our truffles in the magnificent natural park la Tinença de Benifassá in the north of Castellón at 1.169 metres above sea level, close to the Mediterranean coast. This region´s special climatology and circumstances give our truffles a fresh, aromatic and unique taste.  

Our company feels responsible for the environment and wants to contribute to a sustainable economical development of the area. We are committed to offer the best natural, artisanal and local products.

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