• Exhibitor: FINCA LA ROSALA
  • Brand name: FINCA LA ROSALA
  • Sector: FRUTOS SECOS
  • Organic Exhibition Area
  • Innovation Area

Dear friend,

My name is Pedro A. Ciudad Imedio, founder of “Finca La Rosala”, a family company that produces since the beginning of 2.013 of high quality handmade nuts.

Finca La Rosala was born fruit of two coincidences:  the first one, to inherit an agricultural property call “La Rosala”, located in the region of  “Campo de Calatrava”, ideal for the almond and pistachio cultivation; and the second one, the love I have since I was a child for the “panchitos”, name given to the peanut in this area; toasted by the already deceased “Angelito”, member of a bakers family who has been toasting nuts from beginning of the XIX century in a wood-fired oven.

One day, after seeing that no one followed the steps of this artist, and seeing the possibility of his technics was lost forever, I asked to “Angelito” to teach me his technics and toasting recipes, which left me amazed. At that moment, I understood that this secret should never be forgotten and that everybody should know, and enjoy them.

At the beginning, I started to toast in my own home, applying the technics and advice learned, but adding a unique and innovative touch in my recipes and amplifying the range of nuts. By mixing these traditional recipes with the new aromas today, arise star products like “Violet Almond” or “Pistachio with orange”. At the same time I also amplified the range of salty nuts, like cashews or walnuts. Obtaining a range of selected salty nuts with a traditional philosophy, healthiest and innovators at the same time. Produced according to the knowledge learned from “Angelito” and with completely natural ingredients (salt, cane sugar, natural aromas and flavors, and De la Vera Paprika), all free from preservatives, colorants and with no gluten.

Currently, we toast and prepare handmade our products in a little bakery oven in Calzada de Calatrava (Heart of “Campo de Calatrava”), with the same affection and passion made by the family of the great baker “Angelito”, more than two centuries ago.

I hope that you will enjoy them, thank you very much for your time and for buying our products, my best regards.