Espora Gourmet is a family business located in Soria, land of truffles and woods. The company is born after more than 30 years marketing wild mycological products, especially mushrooms and truffles, in Spain and abroad. Thanks to the combination of the most advance technology and the passion for the natural, we bring you a range of Premium Products based on truffles that will remind you the scent and flavour of our woods.

Premium Products:

Black truffle pearls (50g-200g.350g): Small spherifications elaborated with black truffle juice (Tuber melanosporum), completely natural. It is perfect for: pasta, stews, tortilla, chips, pizzas, eggs, risottos, roasted meat, sushi, cheese, salads, foie, etc.

Acacia honey with truffle (120g-380g): A honey with delicate texture, perfectly combines with the truffle. It is delicious with cheeses, sauces, salad dressings, curds, yogurt, fruits, jams, desserts, etc.

Black truffle balsamic cream (250ml): The excellent black truffle is fused with the sweetness of this dense texture cream. Perfect with salads, gazpacho, grilled meats, vegetables, side dishes, etc.

Fresh truffle under a modified athmosphere: We are pioneers in this preservation method for fresh truffles and mushrooms, that allows to maintain the properties of the truffle for days without losing flavour, weight or texture. We deliver it clean and ready to use. We work mainly with Tuber magnatum, Tuber melanosporum, Tuber Aestivum, etc.

Truffle Juice (200ml): Tuber melanosporum juice

Products for Industry:

Tartuffata Sauce (1kg): truffle and mushrooms  cream

Black truffle powder (From 50 g to 1 kg): Dehydrated and grounded Tuber Melanosporum

Grated truffle (Brisura) (350gr): It is perfect for cheese making, foie making, hamburgers, etc.

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