Dulces la Cartuja one, in his bet for " the natural thing ", SLOW FOOD, the products of " Km 0 ", the quality and the health we believe in the Region and his regeneration, for what the ecological thing and his processes of production and transformation guarantee the absence of chemical undesirable residues in the food and revitalize and give value to our territory.

Also it reverberates in the human health across the environmental health, since in his production they reduce the emission of harmful and pollutant substances to the environment, improving the quality of the water and the air in the zones where they are cultivated, which becomes extensive to the whole planet.

The food quality and safety of the ecological products comes supported by the special way of producing them and to transform them, and for the certification needed for his commercialization, the Consellería of Agriculture Goes fishing and Supply is the competent authority, and it created the Committee of Ecological Agriculture of the Community CAECV as Authority of Control. It is recognized by the European Community, as Authority of Control of the Ecological Production of the Valencian Community, taking the code as it assigned: ES-ECO-020-CV. The logo of ecological production of the EU and those of his members states serve to complement the habitual labelling and to increase the visibility of this type of food and drinks with a view to the consumers.

For all this, those who acquire products indicated with the logo of the EU be to be fullly sure of that:

- As minimum, 95 % of the ingredients of the article has been produced ecologically.

- The product expires with the procedure of the plan of official inspection.

- It comes directly from the producer or from the transformer in a sealed packing.

- He identifies the producer, the transformer or the seller and takes the name or code of the organism of inspection.

The production of the ecological food contributes to the conservation of the Environment because, the ecological agriculture and the ranching adapt to the aptitude to produce of the land, without forcing her, supporting the renovation of the natural resources: the land, the plants and the animals, cashing in of the biological cycles, trying not to dominate the environment and trying the well-being of the animals. Dulces la Cartuja one invests in a FUTURE for all.

Company dedicated to the artisan manufacture of Jams, Quince Paste  and Candy Fruits.

Preserves fruits, vegetables and / or flowers.

Gourmet Specialties.