La importancia del packaging en el éxito de un producto gourmet

Drimpak has organized a conference called The importance of packaging in the success of a gourmet product. It will take place on Thursday 27 April from 12.00 to 13.00 hours and will analyze the role played by the packaging in the most important successful cases of Drimpak's customers. The packaging of a gourmet product is very important. Not only is it the letter of introduction of a brand, but it also has to be functional. It has to allow the food to be kept in the best  conditions for the maximum possible time.


- Rosa María Vañó: sales manager in Castillo de Canena.

- Alberto Bravo: project manager in Castillo de Canena.

- Jan Petterson: owner of Fernando Rey de Castilla Winery.

Drimpak is a Spanish packaging company specialized in high end perfume and cosmetics and gourmet food that works with the most exclusive companies. With more than five decades of experience, Drimpak is based on quality, service, advice and innovation. We own the latest customization technology that respond to the needs of the mosts demanding clients.

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