14th International Cooking Contest with EVOO "Jaén, Paraíso Interior”

14th “Jaén, Paraíso Interior” International AOVE Cooking Awards 

The Provincial Council of Jaén has announced the staging of the 14th International Cooking contest with EVOO "Jaén, Paraíso Interior," to be staged on Wednesday 26th April at the 31st Salón de Gourmets 2017, the International Fine Food and Beverages Fair. The main purpose of this award is to promote extra virgin olive oil from the Province of Jaén, whilst also recognising the creativity of Spanish and foreign chefs.

The Auditorium at Salón de Gourmets, located in IFEMA’s Hall 8, will provide the venue that brings together the twelve finalist chefs, who must prepare their dishes live within a maximum time of two hours using one of the oils that feature in the "Jaén Selección" Tasting Contest as one of the main ingredients.

The 8 extra virgin olive oils chosen in the Jaén Selección Tasting Contest 2017 were: Oro Bailén, Claramunt Extra Virgin, Capricho del Fraile, Cortijo La Torre, Bravoleum, Tuccioliva, Melgarejo Picual and Castillo de Canena: Jaén Selección 2017 Olive Oils.

This is a long-running contest in which contestants from different countries have participated, including renowned chefs such as Massimo Bottura, Jordi Cruz and Xanty Elías, amongst others. (Complete list of winners).

Potential participants have until 3rd March to send in their recipes, which constitute the preliminary stage before the Final at Salón de Gourmets.

The Jury will analyse each entry, choosing the twelve recipes that will go on to be made in the Contest at Salón de Gourmets.  The Jury for the Final will consist of renowned chefs, specialised journalists and representatives from the Provincial Council of Jaén. These experts will evaluate the finalists, as well as the taste, appearance and final flavour of the dishes that are made.

This cooking championship offers some of the biggest financial prizes, given that three awards will be presented: the First Prize will consist of a cash amount of 8,000 euros and a trophy; Second Prize will be 3,000 euros and a plaque; and Third Prize will be rewarded with 1,000 euros and a plaque

Rules and Conditions of the Awards

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