Thanks to its new facilities equipped with the most modern infrastructures, DESTILERIA SIDERIT multiplies its capacity of production while preserving the craftsmanship that brings these subtle nuances that make the success of its Gin.

SIDERIT - a first-class handicraft product, DESTILERIA SIDERIT - a renowned company with the capacity to react quickly to the requests of its national and international clients.

DESTILERÍA SIDERIT S.L. is a micro distillery located in Cantabria (North of Spain), that produces Gin and Vodka Siderit in a traditional way. The Company was born out of the expertise of its founders, Rubén and David, with the aim to produce handcrafted distillates of the highest quality. This good practice involves using a customized reflux fractional distillation column made entirely of glass. This equipment prevents cross-contamination, intensifies the distillation and enhances the aromas and the purity of the end product. The distillates are produced from the finest raw materials, some of them local, which are perfectly blended by the Master distillers to create a unique set of sophisticated distillates. Our land, our mountains, our forests, bathed by the Cantábrico Sea, shaped by the rain, the wind and the sun, that defines Cantabria. Our inspiration to elaborate the distillates, a magic place in the North of the Iberian Peninsule, a piece of land where we live enjoying the blessing of a unique and unequalled landscape.