Tripack of anchovies in vinegar in extra virgin olive oil, is a format specially designed for singles, allows to divide the product into three portions for consumption
DESARROLLOS E INDUSTRIAS MARINAS S.L. is located in the city of Badajoz, belonging to the autonomous community of Extremadura, with great experience in the sector of semi preserves and working to obtain the best raw materials from the sea the best final products. The manufacture of our products is 100% handmade, respecting and preserving the long tradition in the production as well as its fabulous flavor and texture, a selection and a comprehensive quality control to bring the consumer a differentiated product and maximum guarantee. The company is geared to meet all distribution channels, both traditional channel assisted sales, as the Horeca (hotels, restaurants and catering), not to mention the distribution of consumer stands where in large distribution platforms. It is also aimed at satisfying customers and consumers, leaving no one indifferent, standing out for their loyalty, commitment and quality of our products. This commitment is backed with increasing confidence that our clients in the firm. The ability to adapt to the needs of our customers, craftsmanship, our vocation of service excellence and our firm commitment to increase sales of our customers, make us a safe value. Our specialty is artisanal marinated anchovy, betting on consistent quality and concern for the origin of fish, with which we have always commissioned to provide and maintain a line of neat product and select which begins with our commitment to sustainable fisheries, continues with system monitoring and processing ends with the packaging. Marinated anchovy addition, we offer a wide range of products: anchovies in oil, marinated sardines, skewered pickled foods... The objetive and commitment is to always offer the best quality in the market, always adapting to the tastes and demands of consumers, and of course to the needs of our customers as well, which are synonymous with quality and freshness. The main objective is to get a top quality product: "We only choose the best raw materials for our products."