Stiff of Cordero de Extremadura lamb, IGP CORDEREX made with leg of lamb macerated in aromatic herbs and baked. Cold product to serve in very thin slices and to accompany it with olive oil DO Gata Hurdes and paprika of the Vera DOP.

CORDEREX is the PGI for lambs of Extremadura. The PGI are controlled geographical origin (Extremadura), genetic origin (breed merino), food (breast milk and authorized feed), live weight (21-29Kg) and slaughter age (100 days). They are certified based on the weight of the carcasses (9-16Kg), meat color, conformation, fattering and absence of defects . They are identified with a warranty seal in the shank and a seal along the entire carcass with the mention Corderex. These carcasses are known for their valued meat yield.

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