Torta del Casar

The Cheese

The Torta del Casar is a cheese made from raw milk from sheep raised in the plains of Cáceres, Cynara Cardunculus thistle used as a natural coagulant, and salt. Thanks to the traditional knowledge of the cheese masters, it results an extraordinary delicacy of creamy and melting texture, which offers an intense, developed and slightly bitter taste

The Name

The name Torta del Casar comes from the union of two words that define its unique character. The first, "Torta", comes from its atypical form, wider than tall and with rounded sides and almost without edges, reminiscent of a "bread cake" - Torta in spanish". The second, "Casar", is taken from Casar de Cáceres, a population that has always been associated with cheese production by pastoralists who settled there and in the bordering regions, territories linked to livestock for passing through the Via de la Plata, an ancestral way of the great flocks of sheep. This cheese is much appreciated, and therefore very imitated.

The Identification

That is why it is important to note that each Torta del Casar is surrounded by an exclusive red and gold control label, guaranteed by the Protected Denomination of Origin. However, under this common denominator, each certified cheese dairy marks its Torta del Casar with its own brand, under which are developed different peculiarities, styles and nuances , which allows to offer the consumer a wide and surprising variety of sensations.