BOTÓN real reserva 2011

  • Exhibitor: C.R.D.O. ARRIBES
  • Brand name: BOTON REAL reserva 2011
  • Innovation Area

When art and tradition respect each other, care for each and support each other, we assure that a jewel like the Botón  Charro survives over time so that it may be enjoyed by everyone, recognized and appreciated in this new guise.                                                                                       When the environment and poetry come together, beautiful verses are created such as those written by our dear and famous poet.

                                                   What the Tormes dreams of during the day / flows from the Duero at night….

Jose Miguel Ullán, Villarino de los Aires - Salamanca 1944 - Madrid 2009        

When art and tradition bring together the environment and poetry, the result is this great wine, packaged in this elegant and exclusive bottle. We have used only sterling silver in the casting of the name of the Botón Charro, a piece which has a unique place in our history and folklore.           We continue to use traditional methods in the elaboration of this wine, working with Bruñal, indigenous variety from one-hundred year old vines, unique in the world.

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  • Town: Villar del Buey
  • Postcode: 49230
  • County: Zamora
  • Country: España
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  • Pavilion: 4
  • Stand: 4F23
  • Sector: BEVERAGES