Beneficios del Pulpo en Conserva

When purchasing octopus, it is usually found in two types of formats: either fresh or canned. It is food with a long tradition in canning, especially in the area of ??Galicia, which, like other molluscs, has a high nutritional value.

The octopus has a protein content similar to beef and a high biological value for its digestibility. In comparison with other seafood, octopus is low in calories and its fat and cholesterol content is, therefore, very low.

The cooking and preparation of the canned octopus is done in the style of the Galician "pulpeiras". The octopus is blanched 3 times in the boiling water to continue with the cooking, controlling times (according to the size). Once it is cooked it has to be chopped and put into the cans.

One of the most used options for the canned Octopus is adding olive oil. In this case, the calories of the octopus are practically the same as if we consumed it fresh, despite the olive oil is a fat, it is a quality fat that, in this case, is mainly used to help conservation. In addition, It should be taken into account that if we choose a gourmet canned octopus in olive oil, the oil used will be of a great quality and we will also be able to obtain benefit indirectly from its nutritional properties.

Conservas Zallo, founded in 1926 in Bermeo (Vizcaya), has enjoyed a long career in the excellence in Preserved Fish. We have expertise most especially in Preserved White tuna and Cantabrian Anchovies. 

Conservas Zallo, combines perfectly the most traditional methods with new technologies and thanks to a continuous searching R & D department we are in a constant development of new products and formats.

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