The White tuna in Olive Oil, is paked in fresh,  made with the White Tuna (Bonito del norte) caught by the fishing fleet Catábrica

In an artisan and environmentally friendly way, on the Cantabric sea during the summer months.

packaged in cans and glass jars of different sizes and presentations; From 120 g. Up to 5 kg.

Factory of Canned Food, year of foundation1926

Artisanal fish processing (white tuna and anchovies), seafood and seaweed. Semi preserved fish: Anchovies and salted fish.

Products: Cantabrian anchovies in olive oil, Bonito del Norte, Caviar de Oricios (Sea urchin eggs), Crabmeat, Algae and Pates: Anchovy, Bonito, Sardina, Oricio and Centollo. Sardines and anchovies in vinegar.

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